Mallorca Fair Complex.

project:               First Prize International Competition
client:                 Fires i Congressos de Balears
original area:      47.000 sqm
25.000 sqm exhibition areas + 7.000 sqm new offices + 15.000sqm parkingfirst attempt:
Arch. Collaborators: Covadonga Peñalver, David Archilla.
Models: Marta Martinez Osma, Rafael Puggioni
Model photo: Luis Asín

2nd version            
34.000 sqm.
Arch. Collaborators: Asa Nakano, Gonzalo del Val.
budget: 87.000.000 euros

In addition to the big exhibition areas, the new Mallorca Trade Fair building must house the Regional Government offices for the Economy, Trade and Industry department, and the Chamber of Commerce offices. The large number of vissitors also requires a definitive solution for the parking problem. The project fills the site completely with a 12m tall building that embraces the whole brief for the complex. The officees and the car park are arranged in separate buildings, the former at one end of the allotment with independent entrances, and the later beside the main entrance, permitting direct acces from the car to the main hall.

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