Fair complex 2.0

The original project suffered from political chaos and strategical dissorder and the site was left. It lasted 4 years to find a new one, this time in a far more interesting situation into the International Airport of Palma, one of the busiest in Spain. The idea was to take advantage of the sinergy between both flights and bussines.  Car parking was not necessary because the proximity of the airport park, for more than 1000 cars. One of its floors is dedicated to the Fairs, and the project connects directly this 4th floor with the roof of the buildings, giving a straight-through acces to the centre of the building.

The new Fair has to be build through several years in different phases. At the biggest scheme it will have 8 pavillions, being one of them dedicated to the offices and general services and one more for the entrance and storage. The roof on the main entrance will serve as an open exhibition area connected with the airport parking throught the "finger" of the 4th floor.

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